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Knowhere Better Experience

Knowhere marries mysticality with a recognisable hint of nostalgia. It is the place you come to collect new memories, form new bonds, reminisce about the places you have been and still be reminded of your roots; incorporating global cuisine with Malaysian flavours we know and love. Our Muslim-friendly ingredients makes for an all inclusive environment allowing you to make new friends

Our ode to our Malaysian roots comes in the form of food, drink and bringing people together. We offer a range of fusion cuisine, which pair well with our original cocktails which are combined with a Malaysian flair that mixes nostalgia with modern sophistication. For the old school at heart, the true conesseuiers, we also offer a range of liquers, beers and a carefully curated wine list as well as a wide range of Cuban and Dominican cigars.

Knowhere strives to pave the way forward by encouraging the movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We advocate the use of bamboo straws, locally made by The Usuk Initiative. We also collaborate with My Tak Nak Straws, to campaign the use of Metal straws and finally, driving the initiative towards zero waste lifestyle by donating our food waste to Kebun-Kebun Bangsar to be used as compost.

There is truly... Knowhere better